Christadelphians ("Brethren of Christ" in Greek) are a group of people located throughout the world whose beliefs reflect the simple teaching of Jesus Christ and his Apostles. Our rule of life is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples, and our hopes are centered upon his return, when he will bring everlasting life to the faithful, and set up on earth the long-promised Kingdom of God which will be the restored Kingdom of Israel and subject to divine leadership.

The Christadelphian community has no paid ministry, no robes or elaborate ceremonies, nor does it have any "head of the church" or legislative council. Ecclesias (the New Testament word for "church") organize their own affairs, though the pattern is similar everywhere. The Tulsa, Oklahoma ecclesia is comprised of members from all walks of life who live in the Joplin, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan areas.


Sunday School 10:00am
Memorial Meeting 11:00am
Vinita, Oklahoma

Wednesday Bible Class 7:00pm
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tuesday-Thursday Bible Class 7:00pm

Joplin, Missouri

Sunday, Dec 15th - Chistmas: The Christian Controversy
Vinita Holiday Inn Express - 2:00pm


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