This Christadelphian-made screensaver is just another great way to keep the word of God in front of us and in our minds at all times. It's a collection of uplifting verses complemented by full-color photos to reinforce the greatness of God's word. It can also be a great way to create conversations with co-workers or friends in our homes about the Truth and its effect in our lives. File size: 5.3 MB
Download Time Estimate:
13 minutes @ 56K modem

Language: English

This screensaver is free to distribute, but is not for resale.
Screensaver Setup:

1.) Once it's downloaded, right-click anywhere on your desktop, and go to "Properties."
2.) Choose the "Screensaver" tab.
3.) Under the drop-down box titled "Screensaver," scroll down to the screensaver entitled "Bible Verses."
4.) You may then preview it in its entirety, and also select how long before you would like to start up when your PC is inactive.


Macromedia Flash Player is necessary to view the screensaver, but there is a 97% chance that it is already running on your computer.

If it is not, the free download can be found at