Christadelphian meetings are led by a rotating selection of the more mature brethren. Like the "elders" of New Testament times, members are appointed to manage the affairs of the ecclesia and to preside at its meetings. Because of this concept, knowledge of the scriptures isn't in the hands of just one or two people of the Ecclesia, but spread thoroughly through all members, and as a result everyone can give a good confession of the faith.

Tulsa-Joplin Ecclesial Members:  (Click on image to enlarge)

Front Row: Brother and Sister Matthew and Ruth Bittinger, Brother Garth Maier
Second Row: Sister Janelle Koone, Sister Sarah Maier, Sister Kerri Maier, Sister Donna Millard, Brother Mark Millard
Back Row: Brother Tom Koone, Jeff Turner, Sister Gail Turner, Brother Jason Millard, Brother David Perry, Sister Christi Perry, Sister Heather Ohins, Brother Brian Ohins


Brother David Perry:

Brother Tom Koone:

Brother Matthew Bittinger:

Brother Jeff Bleichner:

Brother Mark Millard :

Brother Jason Millard:

Brother Garth Maier: